Disable OSX Dashboard in Mavericks


If you have used a mac in the past 5 years, chances are good that you’ve seen or possibly mistakenly launched the OSX Dashboard.  While this feature “may” be useful for all of 5 people, for the rest of us it’s just a useless feature that takes up precious memory while doing nothing.  There is

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Official Android Device Manager App Now Available


Back in August Google released a desktop version of the Android Device Manager, an application meant to work similar to how Apple’s “Find My Iphone” program on iCloud works.  The Google app allows the owner of devices registered with Google Play to remotely locate & ring their mobile device.  This app should provide peace of

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Fly Like An Eagle – POV Video


This is what happens when you strap a GoPro camera to an eagle and catch it flying around in France.  This is definitely an amazing video. I’m somewhat more interested to figure out how he got his camera back…

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This Slo-Mo Car Explosion Is Even Better Than Your Fiery Fantasies


This is a great way to desteoy a car.  These guys always have quality work.  Turns out that if you’ve ever seen slow-mo video in a movie or TV show/commercial, chances are these guys were involved.  http://gizmodo.com/this-slo-mo-car-explosion-is-even-better-than-your-fier-1328346004

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Hong Kong’s Fake Skyline Banners Allow Tourists to Get Good Shots on Hazy Days


Good lord, and I thought the smog was bad in LA… This is just plain ridiculous! http://petapixel.com/2013/08/27/hong-kongs-fake-skyline-banners-allow-tourists-to-get-good-shots-on-hazy-days/

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The New Google Maps on Desktop Is Now Open for All, No Invite Needed

The new Google Maps is nice.  I mean very nice.  I have been using it since the day after they announced it at IO 2013, and I can honestly say that it is much cleaner and faster than the previous versions, and now everyone gets to play around!  So go forth an map on! http://lifehacker.com/the-new-google-maps-on-desktop-is-now-open-for-all-no-813790579

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Shuttle Is a Simple SSH Client that Lives in Your Menu Bar

Shuttle is a very handy little SSH client that lives in your menu bar to quickly link to pre-configured SSH hosts that you access regularly. This can even be extended with dynamic lists as it uses a JSON file for host configuration that can be shared with multiple computers via DropBox. http://lifehacker.com/shuttle-is-a-simple-ssh-client-that-lives-in-your-menu-799953922

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Android File Transfer (Mac) Connection Trouble (Galaxy SIII) *SOLUTION*

Android File Transfer

For months since I got my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3 I have been struggling with tring to get it to connect to my MacBook Air (late 2012 model).  When I first bought the phone I was instructed to download the Kies software so that I would be able to get the 4.1 software update,

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What happens when you wring out a washcloth IN SPACE!

This is an incredible little experiment/video.  It’s amazing how this stuff works in zero gravity! Source: i09 [Link]

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Russian Bears Are Hooked on Huffing Jet Fuel Until They Pass Out

LOL, this is some funny stuff man. Too bad there’s not a video to go with. http://m.gizmodo.com/5993796/russian-bears-are-hooked-on-huffing-jet-fuel-until-they-pass-out

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